Carbon Dragon | Carbon Prepreg Product

Carbon Dragon

The CARBON DRAGON is the perfect symbiosis of flight performance and design, coupled with manufacturing methods from the industry! Those looking for the extraordinary in perfection, has found it here! From F3F up to F3B everything is possible and for those who want to fly in the plane, there’s of course an e-version!



Span of wing [mm] 2970  
Area [dm²]    65  
Stretching [1] 13.5  
Wing loading [g/dm²] 43 / 61.5
Airfoil profile [-] MS-3  
Profile thickness [%] 7.8  
Span of tail [mm] 754  
Flächeninhalt area [dm²] 9.3    
Stretching [1] 6.1  
Tail profile [-] MS-4  
Profile thickness [%] 8  
Length [mm] 1650  
Take-off weight [g] 2800 / 4000


Carbon prepreg material is used exclusively or the structural parts. All parts made ​​of carbon fiber are cured in an autoclave which ensures a very high fiber volume content and a perfect surface without pinholes! The design on the wing is not glued or painted. It is applied during component manufacturing in the autoclave! All the flaps are equipped with hinges which are also cured during the autoclave process.

Carbon Dragon




The complete aircraft fuselage is manufactured in one step (monolithic). The same applies to the fuselage plug hood of sailors and e-version! Inserts for wings and tail and all internals (engine Clamps, …) glued later.



Upper and lower shell of the wing center piece (monolithic) are manufactured separately and then bonded to spar and flapribs wherein the end ribs are already integrated in the upper skin!
The shells of the wing outer parts (monolithic) are made ​​in one piece and then glued to spar and the ribs!




The winglet is made as an extra part and is glued into the wing outer part!


Upper and lower shell (monolithic) cured separately and then bonded to the spar and ribs.


Servo covers are deep drawn parts.

Carbon Dragon

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Expansion at Brebeck Composite | Carbon Fiber production

Have you been following us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and keeping up on all the updates at Brebeck Composite? Just in case you’ve been as busy as we have, here is an update.

The most important update is our growth. Today we are 40+ strong! 40+ carbon fiber specialists working day in and day out, prepping, molding, baking and finalizing a continuous influx of orders. It became quite clear that an unintended consequence of our growth was the necessity to expand. Earlier this year we began a new construction of the common and office areas. The project is coming along quite nicely and is right on track. Here is a little sneak peek for you.

Brebeck Composite Reception

Brebeck Composite Reception

We love to bake and we are getting a new oven! We are anticipating the arrival of the third Scholz Autoclave in the next few weeks! Having two (2) Scholz Autoclaves and one (1) Maroso Autoclave puts us in even more  competitive environment and allows us to provide more flexibility and reliability to our clients.

Do you remember the delivery of our first Scholz Autoclave Technik?

Autoclave Technik being delivered

Autoclave Technik being delivered


Recently we’ve added a laser scanning technology Steinbichler Comet LED 5M into our quality assurance process. Steinbichler Comet LED 5M is an inspection system with extremely compact high-performance 3D sensor that adds a new dimension of efficient 3D data acquisition.

Steinbichler Comet LED 5M

With respect to expanding our partnership portfolio, let me introduce you to our new partner SCE solutions, a design & engineering company dedicated to motorsport and other innovative projects. We are thrilled to have formed a strong partnership with the SCE Team!

SCE Solutions

We are very proud of our continuous collaboration with VSB-Technical University of Ostrava and our support of their latest project – building a prototype of a formula racing car that will be entered in a very prestigious competition FSAE. You can check out the details right HERE. This collaboration will not only give us the opportunity to give back to the community, but it will provide a new educational platform for those students of  VSB-TU Ostrava who are interested in learning more about the carbon fiber industry.

Formula Student VSB Ostrava

Thanks for reading our short recap of the last few months. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to visit our website at or email us directly at

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You’ve been a great audience! It was great spending time with you and we’ll talk to you soon!

Carbon Fiber Production |Steinbichler Comet LED 5M

Carbon fibers are stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum. Carbon fiber production is a very precise industry where a strong emphasis is placed on quality assurance. At Brebeck Composite we take pride in the products we produce for our business partners. Quality assurance is one of the most critical steps included in the production line ensuring that only the highest quality products are manufactured. Every single carbon fiber part produced at our factory is evaluated by the critical eyes of the quality assurance team inspecting textural analysis, defect detection as well as weight measurement.

We are thrilled to announce that in order to maintain competitive advantage in this [carbon fiber] highly specialized industry, we have added a laser scanning technology Steinbichler Comet  LED 5M into our quality assurance process. Steinbichler Comet  LED 5M is an inspection system with extremely compact high-performance 3D sensor that adds a new dimension of efficient 3D data acquisition.

Steinbichler Comet LED 5M

The new ultra-portable sensor makes 3D data acquisition even faster, easier and more accurate. It is the ideal, cost-effective, entry-level solution for users who want to take advantage of the extensive functionality of optical metrology without compromising performance, technology or data quality.

Steinbichler Vision Systems, inc.


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